Welcome to She Gathers

I’m so glad you have landed here; I hope you’ll stick around to hear what She Gathers is all about.

We all need community, encouragement and friends to “do life”with; a tribe, if you will. My hope is that you will be impacted in a big way and feel empowered through our gatherings that will take place throughout the summer.  Here is a little about my vision and dream for us…

“She Gathers” is a women’s workshop series that takes place throughout the summer on 5 separate nights.  We are focused on embracing the identity within each woman and fueling them forward on their life path.  While each one tackles a separate topic, you will find yourself building friendships & really building upon each one, adding layers of richness along the way.

What can you expect each time we gather?

Each evening starts with a mingle time where women can reconnect and get introduced to other women in the community.  We will feature a speaker that will hopefully impact you in some way on some really relevant topics we women face:  parenting, encouragement, identity, life-balance…but from a vulnerable and transparent perspective.  You’ll never find a “superwoman” upon stage; the beauty comes from the willingness to be brave and raw; sharing her story with other women…paving the way for YOUR brave.

We realize that women need to process; we don’t want to overwhelm you with “food for thought” and send you home.  Rather, this is your time to unpack what you’re thinking! So we allow you some time to talk it out at your tables… discuss or share as you much or as little as you’d like.

Oh, and we love all things that show appreciation of the women who come…so don’t be surprised if we give a thing or two away each time we gather.  (wink, wink!)


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