Erin Turnley:

Dreamer, visionary and creator of She Gathers

I have a lot of spice and sass, it’s just used for good (most of the time) now that my teenage years are past me.  I love seeing impact; when something changes the trajectory of life. Still wish calories were something that only existed for people who were mean.

Married to an amazing man, Chris Turnley, who is always reminding me to stretch and get uncomfortable.  Not like “get out of your yoga pants and shower” but more “dream big or go home.”

I have three amazing (tiring) loving (when they sleep) funny (I’ll give them that one) boys which means pedicures are really the only time I have all to myself.

I truly have a belief and conviction that stories can change the world.  Stories can break down walls and dive right through pretenses.  I believe we were all created by God with a unique path and purpose.  I want to encourage girls and women to “shake off the beige” and be the color they were meant to shine!  I’m real.  Real like you are on the sofa with me in my living room and we are either talking over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine… without edits, which means a word may slip out every now and then.  I believe we all have a story to share. This is simply mine….