Why we don’t take any credit

I hate praise.  No wait… I kind of love it but I kind of hate it…

I love being acknowledged but I cringe at the attention.  Do they really know?  Do they know when I’ve done something well that I don’t really think it was all that great? Someone does it better?  If they knew the “real me,” well…..

The real me. That’s tricky. Sure, I see the real me in all of it’s glory when I rise at 6:25am to start the day. The bed-head hair, the mascara smudged ½ inch around my eyes…the slightly vacant look on my face that signifies I wasn’t quite ready to wake up and desperately need coffee. Yes, that’s definitely the real me…but that’s just the physical. And I can change a lot of that. Give me a bit of time with a shower, some great hair and face products and I can give you an entirely different version of what I just described. (And we’re not even talking photo filter apps yet… that just adds a whole new level of change, doesn’t it?)

How about the real me on the inside. You know…those words we use to describe ourselves. The inside me has core values, a heart with dreams and desires… a soul that might have been broken or faced disappointment. I am a girl with a story… a past… and a very real present that I’m navigating every minute of every day. I love sushi but cannot tolerate a Sloppy Joe anything. I’m a sucker for a good sunset but will admit, if you run into a wall, I will laugh uncontrollably so hard I might wet my pants. I like fashion and style but can’t ever seem to put it all the way together. I cry at the National Anthem yet know every word to a Bieber song. I. am. Me.


Today we live in an alarming time where individuality is stifled. Our current culture shouts that conformity is safe. It’s “us versus them.” If you stand for one thing, you are automatically opposed to it’s counterpart. We are two generations into never experiencing true lack yet we view acceptance as something that should be rationed.

Can I offer up some advice? The world needs us… as in, the world needs you. There has never been a greater time that people need to see you, for who you are…and not some watered down, stay low and stick-with-the-masses self. Your uniqueness, your ideas, thoughts, dreams, desires and specifically, the way YOU were created… is needed for such a time as this. It is by no accident you were born into this generation…and it’s because you have something to contribute.

For the real YOU to accept and feel worthy of credit, you have to be willing to be okay with yourself.  Maybe that doesn’t look like conquering the world day one …maybe it just looks like spending some time thinking about who you really are. Maybe falling in love with yourself is deciding what you’re NOT about. Maybe accepting you is realigning your commitments to things you are truly passionate about. No matter what, today is your day. Showing up and being present is your greatest strength. You. Be. You.

How does this message resonate with you? Do you have a hard time taking credit? Maybe you just recently decided to throw our hat in the ring and get out there! Tell us where you are at in your journey with finding the real you.

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